Lisa & Dan

Ground control to Captain Dan.... by any chance, would that be Lisa at the wheel?  Hey Dan, Ya better hang on !

Check out those shoes!


Lacey & Errick

Can you believe it was 90 degrees? This couple looked pretty cool though under the setting sun at the beautiful vineyards of Casa Largo.  A terrific place for a wedding!  We took a little stroll through the vineyards and I actually ate a grape!  It was great, as well as everything else that night.


Kim and Matt 9-18-10

I can remember when Kim and Matt came to visit me the first time.  Matt said he really liked my little special touches!  I hope he likes these!  I do!



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Kelly & Michael

Well, it's family pic time!  That's right, my nephew was married this weekend and here is a minor sample of the day.  Which btw, couldn't have been any nicer!

Laurie & Nick

Weather really seems to be changing as you look at those beautiful skies over the golf course at Orchard Valley  a terrific place for wedding photography, in all weather!


Brittany & Chris

A really terrific day for Brittany & Chris at St. Joseph's in Camillus and the ever tremendous Lodge at Welch Allyn.  Check out the images we did at her Mom's house!  I wouldn't let Dad paint that shed!

The beautiful St. Joseph's

Sorry Chris, I don't do these types of images often, but I needed to do it as both Mom's were watching! :-)

One of my all time fav's!