Mariasophia & Frank

Skies were blue! (finally) for Maria & Frank last Saturday. Tons of incredible images, and I picked three (or four) just to give you a tease!  Hope you like!

One of my very favorite formals

Good ole Clinton Square..and not many bathers!

I just had to throw this one in!

Heather & Brandon

To Heather & Brandon

Just wait until you see the rest!  Some, of course, done in a "Hollywood" style.  I do think you really enjoyed the beautiful day and your images will prove it!  Oh yeah, I had to post a few of your e-session images, just had to do it! -E


Danielle & Thomas

So nice the weather broke for Danielle & Thomas's wedding day, I don't think I could have asked for a more perfect day!

Kim & Scott

Had a great time last week at the wedding of Kim and Scott.  A perfect day,with no rain, and a beautiful ceremony!

Katy & Dakota

What's a little rain going to do after the day we had? I'll tell you... nothing at al! l in fact, look at the last image! I love the rain (so did the couple as they were in it as well as myself!)

Great stuff!

Karen & Dave

Last Friday night, before the snows hit, Karen and Dave said thier vows in a very beautiful ceremony!  Just a hint of snow in the air, gave me a chance at doing a very nice image outside, before we left.  I really like it, and I think they will as well!

That's not dust on my lens, thats snow!

Foster & Kiera

Well, I have to apologize as I should have had these images posted earlier today BUT the power has been out ever since early this morning.  Back now and just in time as I need to run to another event.  Take a look at the images from last Saturday's wedding.  A terrific place for images! and a very terrific couple!  What do you think?

Kiera wanted something a little out there....Does this work?