Jocel & Chris

Last Friday night we were graced with warm temps and a terrific sunset, I couldn't resist posting two of those setting sun images as they all take my breath away!   Of course, I also had to take advantage of the brilliance of Central New York's fall colors!



Michelle & Dave

Saturday in Central New York!  One can never tell if it's going to be sunny, rainy or snowy 'round these parts.  I guess that's why I like it so much in good ole Syracuse NY.. Yes, it was a cold and drizzly day, just the way I like it!  and you probably can tell why I like the rain so much in the last image!  I'm sure Micelle & Dave are enjoying the warmth on their little island in the Pacific!  Lucky!

Yes, that's rain!

Kristin & Nick

Just a perfect day in Central New York for Kristin & Nick.  A beautiful East Syracuse wedding at Blessed Sacrament then a nice trip to Cazenovia for a great reception.  Central New York Photography by Ed Guarente.


Jacquie & Jon

When I tell you it was hard choosing a few images to post, I am not kidding! These guy's are going to have a real tough time choosing images as they all turned out incredible!

Ariel & Jimmy

Have you ever looked out and seen a setting sun so unbelievable it takes your breath away!

Did I luck out or what? CNY wedding photography by Ed Guarente


Lisa & Brian

My session on Saturday, actually started on Thursday with an e-session for  Lisa & Brian.  They had one day to look over all the image's and decide which one to use in their signature board for their wedding on Saturday.  This image, by far, is one of the most romantic images that I have been able to capture in and around the Central New York area!  Great time at their wedding as well.   The Cathedral and the Genesee Grand have never looked so good!  Images provided by me!  Ed Guarente (Syracuse NY)


Amy & Ben

Driving towards the Castle, looking south, I saw huge clouds with thunder and lightning. Ah, I love Central New York for weddings!  Photography can't get any more fun, however, it didn't rain!  Was I ever lucky enough that Amy & Ben had me capture their wedding!  and because they had such a good time, I did as well! as one can see.  Photography in Central New York by Ed Guarente.