Jackie & Paul

Finally, I can blog a few images and what images they are!  A super couple, on a super spring day.  It doesn't get any better than this in Central New York.  I really never post images other than the couple, but I really hit the right light on the group, and just had to share!


Christine & Joe

I most certainly love Christmas weddings (with no snow) at the Genesee Grand!  It's like being in fairytale land for the holidays!  You should see how they decorated the place for  Christine and Joes wedding!


Tara & Paulie

I have one question, where did those cupcakes come from?  Seriously! WHERE? they were great, as was the entire day!  Terrific ceremony formals and some unbelievable outside images, made this day most memorable.  Congratulations.  Hope you like these, as I had way too many great images to pick from!


Lisa & John

Perfect fall day in Central New York, although, the bridesmaids may disagree as it was a tad chilly!  I was extremely lucky the rain held off.  Even though the grounds were wet Lisa & John would not be denied!  Fall weddings in our area are second to none!  Wouldn't  you agree?


This is a terrific image!


Lindsey & Dane

I had the pleasure of doing Dana & Lindsey's e-session way back in August, it was by far one of the hottest days of the year.  Where was the sun when you need it? However, it didn't really make a difference as we did really nice images throughout the day regardless of the weather! and I must say, they had a blast!


Tiffany & Rob

Two of my all time favorite places to do weddings in Central New York.  I love shooting this time of year! and by the looks of the second image below, the bride & groom like it as well!  Yes, it was raining for the outside image and yes, I shot this really fast!

It's raining!

Nice top hats!

Nikki & Chris

Ahhh, the beauty of the Greystone in the fall!