Barbara & Steven

Here's a few images, just to give you an idea about what I consider an awesome day! the rain no less!

Maria & Kyle

Terrific day for these two on Saturday!  although it was a bit warm in Hendricks Chapel, you would never know it by looking at the bride and Groom.  Looks to me like they had a blast as well! a really fun wedding! -Ed

Larrisha &Desaun

Just a beautiful picture perfect day at the Greystone Castle in Canastota.  These guy's had a blast and I got a few terrific images! All images done by me @ -thanks

I just had to add these guy's as well.

Kristin and James

Dreary morning in good ole Central New York but it didn't damper anyone's spirits at the wedding of Kristin and James.  Luckily for me it cleared just long enough to get a few images outside as well as one very different image. Hope you like!

The groom put me up to this one...for his "Man Cave"  but the queston is....did he make the shot?

and now for something a little different!

Adam & Nicole

Couldn't ask for a better day in good ole Central New York to photograph a very special couple.  I had a blast and I really think they did as well!  My only regret was not thinking about traffic, in and around the Taste of Syracuse <yikes> <blush> Don't you think they look like a happy couple?



Just had to post a few of this little cutie,

Central New York Photography by Ed Guarente



With a little nervous apprehension, I asked fellow photog. extraordinaire, Rebecca Hoffman McManus,, whose photographer dad I have known for many, many, years, to help me with a little project involving a new "style" of light for me.  All these portraits were done in my studio in North Syracuse NY.  What started out as an actual test turned out quite different.  Wouldn't you agree?  Just 4 of many awesome images, Thanks Rebecca