Jenny & Weylin

This is really neat! me likes!

Vittoria & Justin

Vittoria & Justin planned out a terrific day and it was special!  take a peek.

  ps Sorry for the delay, it seems as though my blog was acting a tad funny this week and I couldn't upload.  But all is well!

Allison & John

I am a day or two behind, but  here they are.  Allison & John had a spectacular day, and I hope you like!

Erica & Paul

Well, finally, here are a couple of images from Erica & Paul's wedding.  Took me a bit to pick a few, but I think I have some that are really a tad different and just had to post.

A non-posed image that I thought was very nice!

Wow, look at that gown!

I do believe Erica is waiting to see this one!

Alison & Chris

Eloquent and mildly romantic, as one can plainly see, and with a little of the fantastic Greystone fantasy charm, the wedding of Alison & Chris was just about picture perfect.  What do you think?


Michelle & Michael

A magical day, nothing else to say!  Just a few to wet the appetite... Can you imagine the rest

Caryn & David

A beautiful humid free (finally, for one day anyway) Friday evening wedding for David and Caryn.  Terrific settings, but most evident was the happiness between them throughout the day.  I had a blast, and their pictures will prove it, here is a tiny sampling -Enjoy